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Personalised experience

The process of healing is deeply personal so no two people will have the same treatment or experience.

A private session with Spirit Connect will assist you to reconnect to your essence, the part of you that wants what's best for you.  We work on resetting your vibrational force from a cellular level to promote calmness, clear decision making and clarity of your true inner voice, one that is not based on fear, in order to live a life with joy and purpose. 

Together we consider your intentions, assess your state, and seek divine input before accessing the most suitable path and modality. Your session may be in-person or remote booking which is just as powerful.


Private sessions may involve one or more of the following therapies.


"Libby was amazing before, during and after my online healing session...The sound therapy she used with the bowls and forks was beautiful and even though we were on a zoom call I could hear every incredible tone, it helped me to fully relax and it made me feel like I was floating on a cloud. I loved the guided mediation at the end of the session and found it to be extremely powerful, it reminded me of all of my amazing qualities and was very helpful with letting go of emotions.  It left me feeling like I had everything I needed within me to heal my body and soldier on knowing I am on the right path."

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