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“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind, and find my soul,” John Muir

In some parts of the world – the practice of shamanism is so historically renowned and respected that it’s a first line therapy for many of its people.

People usually come to a Shamanic Practitioner when they are seeking a “shift” or seem blocked.


At its core, the practice of Shamanism recognises that our real world needs and challenges all have spiritual aspects. It involves journeying to obtain guidance to help people shift energy to be inline with their true nature.


The benefits of this work can include a sense of lightness and clarity, the confidence to make necessary life changes, a greater sense of wholeness and wellbeing, increased vitality and immunity, and a stronger connection to your soul and purpose.


The process of healing is deeply personal so no two people will have the same treatment or experience.

Booking a session with Spirit Connect will assist you to reconnect to your essence, the part of you that wants what's best for you.  We work on resetting your vibrational force from a cellular level to promote calmness, clear decision making and clarity of your true inner voice, one that is not based on fear, in order to live a life with joy and purpose. 

Together we consider your intentions, assess your state, and seek divine input before accessing the most suitable path and modality. Your session may be in-person or remote booking which is just as powerful and may involve one or more of the following therapies:

Sound Therapy


Guided Mediation

Shamanic Practice

Classes & Workshops


“It's been a challenge to have to remain indoors during lockdown. I felt frustrated and in all honestly a little fearful. I felt like I was going crazy... A friend told me to try Libby.  I don't know what she did during our online session, I mean I could hear her voice and I remember thinking, "That's how I feel. How does she know that?" Also my feet got very hot. Afterwards I had less anxiety. It's month later now and I'm still meditating. I've lost weight, and am not drinking as much, so yeah I think it works!"

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